Fresh Garlic

Name: Fresh Garlic
Botanical Name: Allium Sativum
Indian Name: Lahasun

Fresh Garlic

Product Description

The word garlic comes from Old English garleac, meaning “spear leek. Garlic is grown over all, but China is by far the biggest producer of garlic, with approximately 10.5 million tonnes (23 billion pounds) grown annually, accounting for over 77% of world yield.

Indian garlic is famous for its aroma with sweetness. Gujarat is the state which produces more garlic in India. Garlic is mainly used to prepare various kind of food products beside it is useful in make herbal products. Garlic is also used as pickles, making of dehydrated garlic, garlic paste & other food ingredients.

Garlic is easy to grow and can be grown year-round in mild climates. While sexual propagation of garlic is indeed possible, nearly all of the garlic in cultivation is propagated asexually, by planting individual cloves in the ground.

In cold climates, cloves are planted in the autumn, about six weeks before the soil freezes, and harvested in late spring. Garlic plants are usually very hardy, and are not attacked by many pests or diseases. Garlic plants are said to repel rabbits and moles.