Red Chilli

Name: Red Chilli
Botanical Name: Capsicum Annuam
Indian Name: Mirchi / Lal Mirch

Red Chilli

Product Description

Chilies are one of the largest traded spices in the international market. Chilies are also known as Red Chilies, Capsicum, and Paprika depending on the species and variety. This spice is extensively used for food flavoring and coloring and also for certain medicinal properties. Red Chilies are available in a number of varieties, colors and fragrances.

A true chili head craves not only the heat (which of course is a delightful bonus) but also the unique flavors of these hot peppers. Americans, Asian Indians, Caribbean's, Mediterranean's, Mexicans, South Americans and Southeastern Asians use chilies daily to add color, flavor, visual, appeal and yes heat to their cuisines.

Dried chili peppers can be earthy, floral, fruity, hot, smoky or sweet and they come in variety of colors, shapes and sizes as there are more than 3,000 known varieties around the globe. While there are five species within the Capsicum (C.) genus the two that yield the most popular chilies are Capsicum annum which tend to be larger chilies with more complex flavors and being milder in heat and Capsicum frutescence which tend to be smaller, with simpler flavor and more heat. The heat of all chilies is concentrated in the inner ribs and seeds.

India is the largest producer of a variety of red chilies and red chilies powder. Countries including USA, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh are the major importers of various forms of chilies

Economic Uses

• Chili is an important cash crop in India and is grown for its pungent fruits.

• It is rich source of vitamin C.

• Both green and red (Ripe) Chilies are used to impart pungency to the food.

• Red chili powder is used as condiment in every Indian household

• Green chilies of some varieties are used as vegetable.

• It is also used for preparation of chutnees, masala, sauces and pickles.

• There is demand for export of raw chilies and chili powder.

• Extract of green chilies can be used as bio-insecticide.

The various type of Red Chili which we offer as follows

(01) Red Chili Flakes

(02) Red Chili Powder