Green Gram

Name: Green Gram
Botanical Name: Vigna Radiate
Indian Name: Moong Dal

Green Gram

Product Description

The Green Gram or moong bean (also known as mung or golden gram) is the seed of Vigna radiata. It is one of the major pulse crop in India. It has been described as a Green gram plant is a native of India since ancient times it has been in cultivation. It is widely cultivated throughout the Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It has been introduced in comparatively recent time into East & Central Africa. the West Indies and the United States.

Green gram provide protein requirement of vegetarian population of the country. It is a protein well off, staple food. It contains about 25 percent protein, which is almost three times that of cereals. It is consumed in the form of split pulse as well as whole pulse.

Food Value Of Green Gram

The green gram forms a very nutritious article of diet. It is consumed in the form of whole dried seeds and in the form of dal prepared by splitting the seeds in a mill. The sprouted mung beans are a highly nutritious food. The beans are soaked overnight, drained and placed in containers in a dark room. They are sprinkled with water every few hours and the sprouts are ready in about three days. One pound of dry beans gives six to eight pounds of sprouts. There is an amazing increase in nutrients in sprouted beans when compared to their dried embryo.

Nutrition Value

Moong bean is the seed of Vigna radiate, which is native to India. The beans are small, ovoid in shape, and green in colour. They are generally eaten either whole (with or without skins) or as bean sprouts, either in raw, soaked or boiled form. Moong beans are used to make salads, soups, curry, and other delicacies. The starch of moong beans is also extracted from them to make jellies and transparent/cellophane noodles.  The Green gram is to be harvested at proper stage of maturity i.e. harvest the crop when 80% of the pods are mature (turned yellow). Moong dal is low in fat and rich in B complex vitamins, calcium and potassium.